Barbara Merry, Hardy Underwriting
“I was a grateful client of Nigel for 12 years. When I first met him, I literally didn't know what I didn't know, but I learned very quickly that Nigel's knowledge, views and advice were invaluable and also that I could trust him absolutely. As time went on, and my confidence grew, our discussions became an opportunity for me to test my judgement so Nigel became very important to me as a sounding board. We have seen many changes and discussed many thorny issues over the years and Nigel's follow up letters (usefulness not to be underestimated) now represent a balanced and insightful chronicle of those years and will, as a result, be treasured.”

Barbara Merry was chief executive of Hardy Underwriting, a quoted Lloyds-based insurance and reinsurance company. Nigel advised her from her appointment as chief executive until the sale of the business to a major US insurer twelve years later.

Chris Satterthwaite, Chime Communications
“I worked with Nigel for over five years. He provides insights into all aspects of the public market, and is an independent sounding board on challenging topics that crop up in a CEO’s working life. He provides objective and thoughtful advice, always with a positive manner, and has helped me very considerably.”

Chris Satterthwaite is chief executive of Chime Communications, a quoted international communications and sports marketing business. Nigel advised him for five years.

Ralph Bernard, GCAP Media
“Nigel’s intelligent and crucial advice and his counsel to me have been of enormous value and at times great comfort. I recall many testing occasions in the heat of corporate battle when he cut through the issues and provided me with a thoroughly digestible analysis of the situation with measured guidance. The greatest tribute to him was to be seen as completely independent by both sides in the ground-breaking merger of GWR with Capital Radio: without him the deal would, quite simply, not have happened. He was also able to provide me with clear advice as to my personal position (including some well-timed warnings!) during exceptionally difficult times, and again his advice was totally impartial. To have Nigel working alongside me was not only a pleasure but gave me and my company a unique advantage.”

Ralph Bernard was chief executive of GWR plc (later GCAP Media plc), which grew to be the UK’s largest commercial radio business. Nigel advised him for ten years.


Paul Forman, Low & Bonar
“Nigel’s greatest skill is to ask the right questions. His views are invaluable when discussing issues ranging from people management to corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions. Areas like financing structure and interaction with the Board are areas of particular strength. He has an engaging and user-friendly style which leads to thoroughly enjoyable as well as productive meetings. I thoroughly recommend Nigel to any CEO who wishes to have a high quality, independent sounding board.”

Paul Forman was formerly chief executive Low & Bonar plc, a publicly quoted international manufacturing business. Nigel advised Paul for five years.


Graham Sherren, Centaur Media
“I found Nigel’s understanding of the problems faced by chief executives of quoted companies both refreshing and insightful. Perhaps it is his experience as a corporate financier and a strategy adviser which has permitted his contribution to be both useful and unbiased. His judgement has in every instance been spot-on and has helped me deal with some very difficult problems in managing the board. Consequently I have come to trust his confidentiality and integrity without reservation. His independence has allowed him to tell me things which I might not have wanted to hear in a way that made total sense.”

Graham Sherren was formerly chief executive and then executive chairman of Centaur Media plc, a quoted business to business publishing group. Nigel advised Graham for four years.


Bonnie Dean, Lister-Petter
"Nigel advised me through a challenging refinancing. Our board was divided and we were engulfed by a recession. He built a strong relationship with dissident shareholders and board members whilst retaining my complete confidence that he would represent all of their interests appropriately. He is adept at assessing the psychology of chief executives and the mood of their boards, able to build confidence and trust and establish common ground. Very few advisers have the confidence to tell a chief executive the truth. Nigel is an exception in that regard, and I am not aware that it has ever cost him a client"

Bonnie Dean was formerly chief executive of Lister-Petter Group, a diesel engine manufacturer partly owned by a private equity firm. Nigel advised her for three years.