“…his independence allowed him to tell me things I might not have wanted to hear…”

Nigel specialises in working one to one with chief executives who want independent professional advice, confidential to them. He works alone, does not delegate, and limits the number of clients he advises to ensure that he has sufficient time to give each the personal attention they need.

He brings to bear an unparalleled experience, gained as an investment banker at Schroders and Hambros advising companies on capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and since 1997 working with some 50 chief executives on strategic issues. His extensive business network enables him to assist with the appointment of other professional advisors or to find additional specialist help when that is required.

Typically Nigel will meet a client at set intervals (perhaps every six weeks or so) to discuss current concerns and priorities, following up each meeting with a thorough summary of the discussion and the advice he has given. When there is a crisis, or a major project requires more intensive input, Nigel is happy to allocate whatever time the client requires.

Many of the issues on which Nigel advises are confidential, and some are critical to the success of the chief executive’s career. Nigel is used to acting with the discretion this requires. To ensure that clients can be confident of the objectivity of his advice, Nigel charges for his time on a per diem basis, and does not seek success fees related to potential transactions on which his advice is sought.

Nigel’s clients include chief executives of small private businesses and those running major quoted companies, across all business sectors. They value the unusually wide range of his experience, his deep understanding of people and business, and his capacity to stand back from the issues to give insights that can be trusted to be objective, independent and well informed. Many of his clients have continued to seek his advice for several years.

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