Case study 1

Acting as a confidential sounding board

A dynamic chief executive of a quoted business-to-business services group had many ideas for growth but felt unsupported in her role. She turned to Nigel Pantling as a sounding board to discuss issues before decisions had to be taken.

Nigel worked with the CEO for two years discussing strategic, management and staffing problems plus outside issues such as financial markets, shareholder pressure and the company’s competitors. He also:

  • Reviewed prospects for a troubled subsidiary and prepared a recovery plan
  • Identified key issues for a proposed restructuring, focussing on client needs, maintaining quality and staff motivation
  • Advised on form and content of the strategic planning document for restructuring and how to roll it out to staff
  • Reviewed UK and overseas acquisition strategy, focussing on objectives, priorities, merit and risk assessment and funding

Nigel finally assisted his client in her promotion from chief executive to chairman. They redefined the two roles, drew up a successor job description, and effected a handover which built on two years achievements.